3 Fun Ideas For When Your Childs Teeth Begin Coming Loose

It is such a fun and exciting time when your child enters the “Tooth Fairy Club!” Once your childs teeth erupt, it can be between 10 and 15 years for adult teeth to fully come in, so sit back and enjoy the ride! Here are few simple ways you can celebrate with your child and help alleviate any fear as they undergo these changes.
As soon as the first tooth is loose, start to get ready
Keep a stash of tooth related books on hand as sometimes there can be a long wait between the time your child’s tooth starts to wiggle to when it actually falls out. Remember, gentle wiggling is OK but yanking can hurt both the tooth and the gums, causing damage in the future.

Start a tradition
While each family does something different when their child loses a tooth, having a tradition is a great way to make each tooth feel special. Some people use special tooth fairy pillows, bowls, or boxes (like ring boxes) to keep the tooth in until the Tooth Fairy can retrieve it. Another cute idea is to sprinkle fairy dust on the front porch so the Tooth Fairy knows which home to go to. These simple and fun traditions can help make your child excited and give them something to look forward to.

Keep the reward special
Depending on the going rate for lost teeth in your area, here are few ideas to make that Tooth Fairy money even more special. Use a gold dollar coin or a two-dollar bill so that it is something they can treasure for years to come. Some Tooth Fairies put fairy dust (also known as glitter) on their bills so that it is unique and special, however, kids might have a hard time spending it at non Tooth Fairy establishments.

This is an exciting time so take advantage of the fun ways you can interact with your child while they begin to grow up and lose their first teeth. Feel free to have your child write a note to the Tooth Fairy asking any questions they might have and don’t forget if the Tooth Fairy can’t answer them, your family dentist can! What special Tooth Fairy traditions to you have in your home?

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