A Basic Guide For Maintaining Good Oral Health

We know that sometimes dentists sound like a broken record with the “brush and floss regularly” advice we give out frequently, but the value of strong oral health and hygiene habits at home can simply not be understated. We frequently see patients who require extensive work (such as crowns and implants) that could have easily have been prevented.

While it’s normal to forget a brush here and there, serious oral health issues can result from a sporadic brushing and flossing routine. Beyond the annoyance of cavities, those who do not devote adequate attention to their smiles may find themselves in need of tooth replacements, bridges, and a host of other extensive work.

Make your smile a priority everyday!
Your smile is too beautiful to ignore! We recently stumbled on the infographic below and we think it serves as a great visual reminder to our friends and patients about how to properly care for your teeth and mouth in order to keep your smile fresh, happy, and vibrant.

Give it a glance below, and let the Bell Dental Group of Cincinnati, Ohio know what you think!


*Retrieved from http://www.beaconcovedental.com.au/prevention-service/why-prevent-decay/

If you ever have any questions about oral health care, our friendly team is always happy to help. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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