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Bell Dental Group is happy to accept new patients into our dental practice.

dental-chairOur front office staff is friendly and knowledgeable. On your visit, you will be welcomed and shown how to complete the necessary forms. For your convenience, you may download and fill out the forms prior to your visit.

If you are looking for a new dentist for yourself or your family, we welcome the opportunity to become your dental provider. For first time patients, we schedule an introductory appointment that helps build a foundation for strong dental care. During this introductory appointment, we will:

  • Carefully review your prior dental history
  • Check and exam any existing dental work (such as crowns, fillings, and bridges)
  • Ask about your dental goals
  • Provide a thorough examination
  • Scan for signs of oral cancer
  • Thoroughly clean your teeth and mouth.

Tips for Choosing a Great Cincinnati Dentist
Having a good dentist is a very positive thing. You Cincinnati dentist can be one of your key health care providers. Working with a dentist will help ensure a lifetime of good oral health for you and your family. A great dentist will work with you to achieve your personal care goals while also providing you with the information required to establish good care habits at home. Your dentist needs to offer options when necessary and explain how different care alternatives may be helpful. All told, your dentist should be a supportive, caring, and informative health care provider. But how to choose the best dentist in Cincinnati?

Locating a Great Dentist
If you move to a new area, change health insurance care networks, or simply wish to get a second opinion on dental health concerns, you will need to know how to choose the best dentist in Cincinnati. Whatever your reason for seeking out a new dentist, keep these tips in mind:

Take time to browse the website of each prospective dental clinic. This will familiarize you with the various services offered, payment types accepted, and the clinic staff. All these factors will significantly impact the experience you have.
Look for reviews of different providers. You will have no trouble finding a lot of helpful reviews about different care providers. Make sure to give the most weight to reviews posted within the last twelve months about services that are related to your personal needs.
Ask for recommendations. Family members, friends, coworkers, and neighbors will all be able to tell you about positive experiences they’ve had with local dentists. This can help you narrow down the list of possible providers.
Getting information from multiple sources is a good idea. If one or two names keep coming up as highly recommended, then you know you have found a great dentist.

The Right Dentist for You
Uncovering reviews, asking for personal recommendations, and doing some research on your own will help you identify the dentist that is most likely to be a great fit for you and your family. Once you are ready, simply make an appointment. And that is how to choose the best dentist in Cincinnati.