General Dentistry

General Dentistry Proactively Maintains the Health
and Appearance of Your Mouth and Smile.

general-dentistryWhen it comes to oral health, no one does it better than Bell Dental. Our dentists, Doctors David and Charles Bell, twin brothers from the Cincinnati area, have grown up with dentistry and inherited their father’s practice. As general dentists, we have a broad understanding of all dental procedures and techniques. This gives us the capability to offer strong, comprehensive care for our patients. No other dentist in Cincinnati offers the level of care that we provide to every patient. From children to adults, we’re happy to help you maintain a healthy mouth and smile.

Caring for Your Teeth
The basis of our care begins with a cleaning and exam every 6 months in order to keep your smile at its brightest and healthiest. We know that our patients do their best to care for their teeth by brushing and flossing every day. Even when you take excellent care of your teeth, it’s still important to come in for a routine checkup. If you’re looking for a way to brighten your smile, we also offer in-office whitening treatments or take-home kits.

We also carry the latest in dental technology from intra-oral photos to x-rays to provide better treatment for our patients. When any work does need to be done on your teeth, we offer anesthetic that is truly painless to make the experience better for you.

Need to schedule an appointment for your kids? We also provide gentle services for children that help to make a visit to the dentist educational and fun.

More Than Just Teeth
Are you dealing with more than just dental issues? Is your sleep or the sleep of someone you care about often interrupted by deep snoring? Are you worried about a chipped or missing tooth and don’t have an appointment scheduled? Our staff is also trained to treat issues such as sleep apnea, and to handle any dental emergencies that you might have. If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist, we can also help with cosmetic dental procedures. We’re even Premier Providers for Invisalign in Cincinnati. Your comfort and health is our primary concern, and we will bring you the best care available to achieve the dental results you want.

Schedule Your Appointment Today
If you’re due for a dental checkup or have any questions about our general dentistry services, give Bell Dental Group a call today at 513-321-2278. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you schedule an appointment and answer your questions.