Mercury Free Dentistry

The Bell Dental Group is proud to be a mercury-free dental practice.

mercury-free-dentistryAmalgam (or metal) fillings have traditionally been used to treat cavities and other various forms of decay. These metal fillings have a tendency to break, crack or rupture, and expose the patient to unnecessary amounts of potentially harmful mercury.

At the Bell Dental Group, we believe that are better alternatives to metal fillings. Here’s what we mean when we say that we are a mercury-free dental practice:

  • We have not used metal fillings in our practice within the past 20+ years
  • We offer composite resin solutions to provide safer, more natural restorations
  • We are able to remove old amalgam fillings, replacing with newer composite fillings

If you have any questions about your current fillings, or metal fillings in general, our dental team will be happy to assist you.