Dentures / Partial Dentures

The Bell Dental Group Offers a Variety of Dentures to Restore the Smile of Patients Who Have Missing Teeth

Full dentures are prosthetic teeth that are used to replace an entire set of missing teeth. Every set is molded to an individual patient’s mouth. An impression is taken of a patient’s mouth, and custom-fit acrylic dentures are created in a dental lab. These sets are usually held in place with a special bonding paste, something our staff will go over with you in detail.

Partial dentures may be recommended as a course of treatment for patients missing multiple teeth, but still have some natural teeth left. Partial dentures require a metal framework to hold them in place, yet still allow the patient to remove them when necessary. They still require the same type of care as a full set. Our staff will help you understand how to use and care for your new teeth if you choose to go with a partial set.

Caring for your new set of teeth is very important. Although they are not your natural teeth, it’s still important to clean your denture set every day. Our staff will carefully discuss how to use and care for your new teeth so that you get the most out of them. Taking care of your new teeth may involve:

Rinsing and brushing in clean, warm water with a special brush
Learning how to brush softly to avoid damaging any parts
Brushing your mouth, including gums and tongue, to maintain good oral health
You will also want to have a special place to store your new teeth while you sleep, and be careful not to drop them. You also still need to take care of your mouth like normal, which means still coming in for regular dental checkups with the dentist.

Let Us Bring Your Smile Back
Our dental team will help you determine which denture solution is the perfect fit for your unique needs. We will carefully discuss all options, empowering you to make a confident decision in your restorative care. If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in Cincinnati or have any questions regarding this or other dental procedures, call Bell Dental Group at 513-321-2278.