Three Tips to See Your Dentist in Cincinnati without Anxiety

Approximately ten percent of the U.S. population experiences dental phobia. Unfortunately, many of these people are Cincinnati residents who are avoiding going to see the dentist. Dental phobia or anxiety is a common phenomenon and fortunately there are many things that you can do to combat this and help you get back to the dentist in Cincinnati for regular routine care. Here are five tips to take with you to your next dental exam.

Talk About It
Before your dental appointment, before you even go into the office, talk to the dentist and his or her staff. Make sure you know and are comfortable with everyone who will be playing a role in your procedure or treatment, including hygienists, assistants, and other dentists. Making sure they know how you feel and can approach your appointment with your anxiety in mind will help them treat you in a way that is customized for your needs.

Ask Questions
One of the key things to remember when you are approaching any situation is to understand all you can about it beforehand. This means that when it comes time to see the dentist in Cincinnati, you should ask questions and be sure that you understand everything that is going to happen while you are there.

Take It Slow
Sometimes the speed at which you are given treatment can make you nervous. Make sure that your dentist knows that you need to take it slow with time to breathe in between procedures. Often the speed at which a procedure or treatment is performed can make patients feel like they are not in control of the situation. Perhaps your dentist can polish your teeth and give you a few minutes to breathe before they start flossing, for example.
If you are one of the millions of Americans who has anxiety or a fear of the dentist, actively working to overcome that fear is going to ensure that you have a healthy smile. When you can walk confidently in to see your dentist in Cincinnati, you will have taken the first step towards quality dental care that is so essential to your health. Contact Bell Dental at (513) 321-2278 or visit our website and schedule your next exam today.

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