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Highest Standards. Specialized Care. Healthiest Smiles.


#1 Difference
Highest standards for dental care

  • Experience: Dentists Chuck and David Bell have been practicing dentistry for more than 30 years. The brothers have an experienced staff of Expanded Function Dental Assistants (EFDAs), who are certified and trained much more extensively than most other dental assistants.
  • Reputation: Bell Dental Group (BDG) is among the most respected dental practices in the Cincinnati area, named a “Top Dentist in Cincinnati” by Cincinnati Magazine.
  • Personal Touch: BDG’s dentists personally reach out to patients after procedures to ensure successful recovery and satisfaction. They also contact new patients to identify issues to better prepare for upcoming appointment, allowing the patient to feel more at ease and comfortable.

#2 Difference
Specialized, patient-focused dental care

  • Specialized Services and Treatments: BDG provides general and restorative dentistry services, including teeth cleaning and check-ups, porcelain veneers and crowns, among a variety of other services.
  • Invisalign Experts: BDG is known specifically for its work with Invisalign, completing more procedures than any other general dental practice in the Cincinnati area.
  • Industry Recognition: BDG was the only Cincinnati area general dental practice to be recognized as a Invisalign Premier Provider – an award rarely given to general dental practices.

#3 Difference
Better dental performance outcomes, healthiest patient smiles

  • High-Touch Patient Experience: BDG’s staff is personable, provides personalized attention and takes a high-quality, no-pressure approach to dentistry. This approach leads to a high number of repeat patients and referrals.
  • Patient Comfort: BDG’s dentists and friendly staff provide compassionate care for patients by creating a casual atmosphere and a comforting, family-like environment.
  • Enduring Dental Work: BDG’s emphasis on dental standards for quality and their focused approach to specialized patient care lead to longer-lasting, healthier smiles.